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Your tax-deductible donation will directly support our mission of enriching the lives of people with mental illness in our community by:

  • Sustaining our Employment, Education, and Emergency Fund, which helps members overcome barriers related to adverse financial circumstances;

  • Providing support for member and staff attendance at national and international trainings that enhance all aspects of Clubhouse programming;

  • Supporting our Wellness and Social Programs that improve members’ mental and physical health; and

  • Providing nutritious and affordable meals to our members.

We offer an option of a monthly donation program that enables you to do good everyday, automatically. Your financial support will come alongside people recovering from the effects of serious mental illness and inspire dignity and purpose through work and community. 

Your donations allow our doors to stay open all year long, and during the Holiday seasons so that our members have a safe and supportive environment that allows them to engage with the community.

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